Our mission at MKRLAB is to build a community of makers and doers.

​Conveniently located in the heart of NDG, MKRLAB is a makerspace, community workshop and tool library, designed to be a welcoming space for you to discover and explore your creative passions using raw materials, tools, technology, repurposed items, and imagination. We are a hub for innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial endeavours.

We will provide facilitation, learning resources and a space for our members to work and access tools and equipment for 3D printing, printmaking, electronics, culinary sciences, and more.



A makerspace is creative community workspace where people can gather to create, invent, explore, and tinker with a variety of tools, materials, and technology. It is an experiential learning space for members to develop and advance their skillsets, gain experience with new techniques, and work on a wide range of personal and facilitator-lead projects. A makerspace invites members to explore materials, methods, and equipment that are difficult to access outside of traditional educational environments.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a workspace and specialized equipment to produce your craft, it can also provide the means of production to turn your labour into capital!

One of the key aims of our makerspace is to offer workshops and programming to develop our community members’ DIY skills and experience. We also aim to encourage youth to develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills in a blended learning environment by offering STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) oriented after-school and weekend programming for kids and teens, as well as 4-hand projects for parents to do with their children.